Born in Colombia

Lives in NYC

My mother’s wedding gift was a sewing machine, and she was determined to use that to get us to a better place. My first sounds were certainly that machine while I was kicking her belly.

I grew up in the City of Eternal Spring, Medellin, Colombia above my family’s small sewing company. I helped most days after school as a child and then
staged fashion shows in high school with designs I created that my parents would sell to local stores. After graduating from the best design college in the area, I worked designing collections for two major Colombian brands for ten years, then I sold everything and moved to NYC.

In NYC, I started free-lancing for several brands and my designs got picked up by lots of stores. Adriana Lima even wore my pieces for Victoria’s Secret!

I developed a style based on the ultra-sexiness of my Colombian girls combined with the need for everyday fashion of the fast-paced, NYC girls. 

Several friends encouraged me to start my own brand. So, I did, and I created one of the first lingerie brands to develop modern styled, colorful, no-pad, no-wire bralettes. Now almost 20 years and 40 collections later here we are!

Claudia Ochoa

founder/designer - CLO studio (intimo)